About Shriyak

What is Shriyak?


Shriyak is a team of vivacious fineart wedding photographers and filmmakers headed by Shriyak, Mechanical engineer by qualification but always a photographer at heart, he has been pursuing professional photography for 5 years now. Our aim is to be inconspicuous and for you to be relaxed. You just immerse yourselves in your day and we'll make stunning images of you and your guests, without hassle or direction.



What do they do that’s so different from other photographers?


Centre of our pictures have always been and will be - Live emotions. It is important that would be 20 years after the event, my client opened their album and relive the whole spectrum of emotions, which was there at the event.


Why should we take him to this event? What difference will he get?


We're a team of creative storytelling & fun documentary photographer. We use a compelling blend of informal documentary and creative portraiture to tell the story of your day. The resulting images are bold, heartfelt, and, above all, natural. The beauty of my approach is that you don't just see the images, you feel them. What I really enjoy is capturing unique moments and fleeting emotions on people's faces. For the past five years, I photographed more than 250 weddings from all over the country. Often, I travelled to distant places to be able to do so and I learned about various events. I like to think there is no time or place limit to my work. I like adapting to a situation but I make sure my style never changes when my approach does. 


Who do we love to shoot?


We're looking for discerning couples with adventurous souls that genuinely like spending time with each other, love to laugh, and are looking to team up with someone of a similar vision to create breathtaking imagery while still making sure that they get to enjoy everything about their wedding day.  Music and good spirits are a must.