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Kavya's Tarun

Updated: May 26

Love carries with it a level of comfort, joy, and a sense of ease. Kavya & Tarun had exactly that. Kavya is a package of energy and warmth that can just brighten up the room; Tarun is a man of few words, shy on one side but also smiling always. They are 2 opposite personalities coming together to blend together as two perfect pieces of a puzzle.

Once upon a time, right before the pandemic took over the world. Kavya’s parents familiarized themselves with Tarun’s family as a prospect. Soon, they passed on Tarun’s photo and details to her. When they both finally spoke, there was an instant connection and that's when she realized that he is the one for her. She had never felt this kind of a connection with anyone.

Kavya and Tarun share a unique and delightful bond. When asked: ‘who proposed first?’, they fought like Tom and Jerry, with each stating the other did, and finally concluding that they probably never proposed. They just knew each other's love.

From their engagement to their reception, we had an absolute blast shooting this lovely couple. Even amidst the uncertainty and anxiety that surrounded the pandemic in 2021, the roller coaster of emotions, the love and the joy in a wedding always remain the same.


Kavya & Tarun's Wedding Film

Couple Shoot

Engagement Ceremony

Pasupu Function

Making Of Pellikuthuru


Mehandi Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony


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