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Manasvini's Aproop

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

What is meant to be will always find its way!

Manaswini & Aproop, two strangers who were living in two foreign countries would fall for each other over calls, voice notes and messages. We call it an arranged love-marriage.

Manasvini is a bubbly girl and Aproop is a sweet heart, this spicy- sweet duo are made for each other, we believe even the stars align perfectly to match them. They are so similar that they fit together like pieces of a puzzle infact they even share same birthday dates.

In Feb,2018 when Manasvini & Aproop’s parents thought they would make a good couple and they sent them each other’s phone numbers. Then began a cute phone love story and when they met each other for the first time Aproop proposed Manasvini.

She said yes! They say they have grown in love, lived many Tom & Jerry stories and will always be each other’s “always”. In a conversation Manasvini told us... she lived every second of her wedding and loved it and wished it was longer, we guess when you are in love it just shows. They got married in Dec, 2019 and their wedding felt like a whimsical fairytale. Check out the pictures to believe us.


Pre-wedding Shoot



Making of Pellikoduku & Pellikuthuru




Prewedding Film :

Wedding Film:

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