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Namrata's Priyamsh

Updated: May 4, 2020

"Love is about the choices we make and the chances we take” Namrata and Priyamsh first crossed paths on a matrimonial website. After some cheeky banter numbers were exchanged, families met and just four months later they tied a knot. But that was not it.

In a conversation, Priyamsh told us about the time they dated way before they were even engaged. Once, they had a dispute and things led to one another and they even wanted to call off further talks. But Namrata called him that night annoyed and their conversation continued the whole night, the next day when Priyamsh woke up he decided that “she was a tinge of craziness and he wants her to himself for eternity or more” and their whirlwind romance began. Namrata is bubbly, cheerful and outgoing. While Priyamsh is slightly shy but his demeanour changes completely when he is around her. We observed that when they look at each other their eyes twinkle, their smiles get wider, there are only good vibes around and their happiness is almost infectious. Take a peek into the delightful wedding images of these pretty souls. We feel delighted to be part of their beautiful intimate journey.







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